This is a combination of academic fun learning that is incorporated with entertainment in mind, it is used to up load videos, pictures and audio clips, this platform is useful to teachers and students alike.


          A collaborative tool that allows students to work on different subject based projects like sciences, collaborate on elements of history. It creates a timeline that allows imagery, context and text and other forms of communication. The projects are done using timelines of events within a subjects, for example the history the civil war, human right or even the founding of America.

Google Drive/Docs

This tool is cloud is cloud based in nature, this app allows access to all documents saved in a virtual space, and the documents can be edited in real-time so that anyone working on it can see what is being added or reviewed. I can be access anywhere there is internet services or data availability.

Of all the tools mention I have had the privilege to use this tool, it was very effective in keeping abreast of the project the team was working on, it was done in real time and that is what I appreciated the most my professor had access to our project and did advise us from time to time.


          This tool is responsible for creating interactive posters whereby student can have a fun time while completing a projects, Text, imagery, sounds and videos can be shared using this web tool, it creates digital footprints within the projects by using visual imagery or audible sound.


          This is very similar to what we do with pen and paper called brainstorming, mind mapping is the same a brainstorming it brings all ideas into one place for suggestions, organization and adding ideas that form after leaving the discussion.


This app helps keep everything organized on any device that the student uses, it is user friendly, it is used for taking notes, photos, shopping or to do list, and recorded voice reminders of projects, making all notes searchable wherever you are. It is a web browser and can be used on any android or iOS platform.


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